Title: Research – Publication Series:   (The Papers und articles published herein are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views and positions of other parties unless specifically stated)   BORN OF THE SEAS, KEEPERS OF A GREAT RIVER Origins and Development of the Ibanag Culture and Heritage[1] Alimar Mohammad Malabad[2]…

Gabi na Ibanag Inquiries

To: All members of the Ibanag Heritage Foundation, Inc (IHFI) In celebration of the National Heritage Month (May) and the 3rd Founding Anniversary of our Foundation, you are all invited to the “Gabi na Ibanag” (The Night of the Ibanags) on May 6, 2015 (Wednesday) 6:00 PM at Metro Park (Le Parc), Pasay City Manila….

44 Fallen Brothers

The IHFI offers its sincere condolences to the bereaved families of all the PNP-SAF officers who had made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and the Filipino people. We salute our 44 fallen brothers for their selfless courage and heroism, including the following who are sons of Cagayan Valley, land of the Ibanags: PO2 Richelle…

Mayor Engelbert Caronan (4th from R), City Councilor “Eto” Valdepeñas (1st from R),Commo. Artemio R. Arugay AFP (Ret)-IHFI Executive Director (5th from R),Hon. Blessed Diwa- Former DOT (R2) Director and IHFI Member-Partner (2nd from R),Dr. Remedios Ricamora- Agsawa -Author of Ibanag CookBook (3rd from R),Dr. Marlim Acorda- Baculi -Author of Ibanag CookBook (6th from R)

Launching of Ibanag CookBook

Commo. Artemio R. Arugay AFP (Ret), Executive Director delivering his message during the Launching of the “Ibanag CookBook “- Revisiting the Ibanag Cuisine. He also conveyed the hereunder inspirational message of the Founding Chairman, Vice President Jejomar C. Binay: WWWARAGI IRA, SANGAW TA TIEMPO NA PAGAYAYA ANNA PATTARADDAY, MAPPABALO NA NIKAMU TA NGA PANGITAKI ANNA…


Happy Birthday VP Jejomar Binay

   November 11, 2014 Makipagayaya kami ta ngamin nga mangiddu nikaw toye ta aggaw na keyana mu.   Paray nakuan tu bendisyonan naka na Yafu tam tu aru paga nga dagun na pattolay taw ta davvun tapenu makapas-serbi ka paga tu mapia ta interu nga nasyon.   Dios y mabbalo nikaw!   IHFI Council of…


IHFI Activities In Pictures September – November